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Is It Possible to Change Recovery Phone Number in Facebook?

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Changing recovery phone number on Facebook depending on the requirement and urgency. Sometimes it is mandatory due to certain reasons as the phone number that was provided earlier is no more active or user was not interested to disclose the contact number at that time and now ready to share. Recovery phone number is supposed to be there on the Facebook as it helps to activate disable the Facebook account.

Why there is need to change phone Number on Facebook?
• To reset Facebook password during the time of urgency
• To activate disabled or suspended Facebook account
• To recuperate Hacked Facebook account
• To replace an inactive phone number already added in Facebook account

Troubles that occur while changing Recovery Phone Number in Facebook account

• Server downtime issues
• Troubles due to Login failure
• Unresponsive script errors
• Browser incompatibility issues with Facebook
• Facebook account already blocked or suspended

As numerous people access Facebook on daily basis, some of them face problems with password recovery when they forget the security code to be entered for accessing social media account. As the phone number already added on Facebook is no more active or user is not using that contact number anymore and email address not added on Facebook at the time of sign-up.
A password recovery issues may happen anytime, the user needs to be ready before that with the active phone number if it is the only medium of resetting of FB password. Apart from resetting Facebook password upon forgetting, this recovery phone number is helpful in recuperating hacked Facebook account whose access is gained by malicious users through fraudulent attempts made by them as they never let any chance to go away from their hands.

Steps to Change or Add Recovery Phone Number

Here are the steps to change recovery phone number in the Facebook account.

• Access Facebook account by entering authentic login id and password
• Once you do the same successfully, the login page redirects you to the news feed page.
• Now take your mouse to the down arrow key next to (?) icon and click on settings
• As it is done, you are taken to the General account settings page
• You will see the Mobile option in the left sidebar of your page
• Click on the same and you will find the old number added to the Facebook account
• Remove the old number which is inactive or not being used by you anymore.
• Now add a new number and get it verified by receiving a verification code.

As these steps are quite easy to add or change recovery phone number in FB account, but some technical discrepancies prevent you from accomplishing the tasks. In order to get it fixed immediately, just get subscribed with FB help center to get help from experts through email or chat support. Though it takes longer time than expected. But it would have become easier if Facebook technical support number is available on the web.

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